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Puppy’s First Howl Sounds More Wookie Than Husky

On a pup’s way to becoming a dog, a pup must learn the essentials. Going potty, playing fetch and interacting with other dogs are all apart of growing up. Language is as well. Learning to howl is a must for a Husky; the breed tends to be very vocal. This pup knows that his training has to start early if he wants to be a total bad-a$$

However, this adorable fluff nugget is new at this and howling takes a lot of energy. And obviously a lot of practice. ????

My drab day turned right around after watching this (admittingly 3 times) so I shared it with some friends and those friends shared it with their friends. This little guy just cured the blah-day-blues for lots of people. Don’t be selfish and keep him all to yourself!

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