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Sick Dog With Saddest Past Just Wants To Be Held By Strangers

“She’s only 25 pounds, so she’s just a little peanut. We’re mesmerized by her, and we’re amazed by her strength and by her love and her will to live.”

When rescuers found Milly in a Texas shelter, she was a mess. She had a broken leg, a gashed-out eye, a damaged jaw and anemia — on top of everything else, she was heartworm positive. While no one knows exactly what happened to Milly before she got to the shelter, it had clearly been a lot.

“Her past is terrible — she was completely abused,” Stacey Silverstein, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the group that helped save Milly, told The Dodo. “She sat rotting in a shelter for two weeks, and we couldn’t even get her out. When we finally did, she was just in terrible, terrible shape.”

Milly was rushed to an animal hospital in Houston, and when a vet checked her over, he made another sad discovery — Milly was also pregnant.

Because of her multiple health issues, Silverstein and the team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC knew this wasn’t going to be an easy pregnancy for Milly. So they arranged to transfer Milly to Montgomery Animal Hospital in Maryland, where Milly and her puppies could receive 24-hour care.

“She was so close to dead when she got here,” Sharon Hall, officer manager at Montgomery Animal Hospital, told The Dodo. “She was so critical.”

When Milly went into labor, the vet team did everything they could for Milly and the 10 babies she gave birth to — but unfortunately, all of the puppies died.

But Milly somehow pulled through — and amazingly, she never lost her trust for humans.

“She is such a love, and how she trusts humans is just amazing … because she shouldn’t trust us,” Hall said. “She should hate us all, honestly, because somebody has done all of this to her.”

Milly has taken a particular liking to Hall, and Hall quickly became head-over-heels besotted with Milly.

“I hold her a lot,” Hall said. “She’s only 25 pounds, so she’s just a little peanut. She just wants to be close, so I just hold her on my lap while I work on my computer.”

Admittedly, Hall doesn’t always get a lot of work done this way.

“I actually share an office with my boss, who is the doctor, and he took that picture that I put on Facebook,” Hall said. “I wrote that I actually got caught not working because I was holding her. He wrote below it that he actually wasn’t working either because he’s the one who took the picture.”

“We’re mesmerized by her, and we’re amazed by her strength and by her love and her will to live,” Hall added. “She’s the sweetest little thing. She wants to be with people, she wants to be loved, she wants to be close — and she’s totally happy with just that.”

Milly will need at least three more surgeries before she’s ready for adoption — one surgery on her broken leg, one for her eye and another to be spayed. But when she is ready for a home, Hall is certain she’ll bring her new family a lot of joy.

“She loves everybody equally, and I really just think she’s going to make a spectacular pet for somebody,” Hall said.

Silverstein is delighted by the progress Milly has made.

“This is an amazing story — that this dog has overcome all these obstacles,” Silverstein said. “It’s just amazing that she’s alive. Obviously we feel terrible for her pregnancy and that she lost all of her babies, but we’re thankful that she’s alive, and we just hope for the best going forward.”