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Vet Warns Pet Owners About Popular Dog Toy That Claimed A Dog’s Life

Pet ownership is very serious business and there is no reason why you should be taking this responsibility lightly. If you own a pet, then you need to be feeding them on a regular basis and making sure that they are kept safe from harm. They also need love and attention in addition to food and water. Your pup requires a fair amount of exercise as well and one of the best ways to ensure that they exercise is by purchasing toys.

Unfortunately, there are toys that could cause your pet to choke, because they contain various small parts. The last thing that you want is to purchase a toy that can lead to harm for your pet. Jamie Stumpf is a responsible pet owner and when she purchased a new ball for her buddy Maximus, she had no idea that the large hole at the end could cause troubles.



When Maximus squeezed the ball, all of the air came out of it and the poor dog’s tongue became stuck inside. The animal’s tongue swelled up immediately and by the time he was able to reach an animal hospital that could provide him with assistance, it was too late. The animal passed away and this is a sad story for a number of different reasons.


If you have purchased a toy like this one for your dog, then be sure to remove it from the home immediately. For those who are willing to remain vigilant and watch their dog while they play, it is important not to allow them to play with these toys when they do not have the proper supervision. Sadly, we live in a world where dog toys are sold by those who do not put the proper care into their preparation.


No family should ever have to lay one of their most treasured members to rest because of something this avoidable. Those who wish to keep their pets safe will definitely want to steer clear of toys like these in the future and take the time to do the proper research before they accidentally buy a toy that will cause their pet to experience any sort of discomfort.


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