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Mom and dog are enjoying a normal car ride, until a Michael Jackson song plays on the radio

There’s nothing like cruising around town and singing along to the radio with your best friend. That’s true even if your best friend happens to be four-legged.

Meet Honey, a dog who just can’t get enough of Michael Jackson.



Now, Honey isn’t a fan of just any old song by the King of Pop. She stays totally calm until her human, Melissa Mourelatos, turns on one song in particular. “Will You Be There” is the hit that really gets Honey going!

If you’re familiar with the 1993 movie classic Free Willy, then you’ll recognize this song regardless of your knowledge of MJ classics. It seems pretty appropriate that Honey’s favorite song would be from a movie in which a human and animal become best friends. Good choice, Honey.



Being the good dog mom that she is, Mourelatos recognized the talent that her beloved canine possessed and lucky for us, she shared it with the world. She captured the car-ride karaoke on video and shared it with the Facebook group “I Love My Dog.” The group aims to create a community on the social media platform that encourages dog lovers everywhere to share videos, pictures, and stories of their canine companions.

While there is endless amounts of pure puppy gold on there, nothing quite compares to the video that is Honey singing.


She can seriously hold a note!

She may not be hitting them perfectly, but she can definitely hold them. If I’m being totally honest, Honey’s rendition of “Will You Be There” is still much better than what I’ve heard some humans attempt at karaoke. She just has the passion, I guess.



This video is 45 seconds of doggone greatness. We guarantee that Honey’s vocal chops will put a smile on your face!

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